Sunday, December 6, 2009

Car break-in

This is a picture of the keyhole on the front passenger door of my car. Notice the hole in the side? That's how my car was broken into without me even noticing. I parked in the Blanchet Beach parking lot in Gatineau Park a few Fridays ago to go for a hike and locked my purse in the trunk of my car. When I went to use my Visa card on the weekend, it was missing from my wallet. I blamed it on absentmindedness and figured I had misplaced it or left it behind when I made a purchase. Nothing else was missing from my wallet, or from my car for that matter, so it didn't occur to me that my car had been broken into.

When I called Visa to report my card missing, they said there had been a charge to the card at a Gatineau Loblaws for $140 that same Friday. I was still thinking that I had left my card somewhere and someone found it, until Jennifer mentioned that she had read online that there have been a rash of car breakins in Gatineau Park. The thieves take only one credit card, so you don't notice it right away. They mainly use it for purchases at grocery, liquor and electronic stores.

I still didn't think my car had been broken into until I noticed what I first thought was a rust spot next to the keyhole. It took a few weeks, but I've finally pieced it together and figured out how my credit card went missing.

What I'm grateful for today: That Visa covers charges made with a stolen card.


Charles said...

I've posted your warning at

Sheri said...

The same thing happen to Mike two years ago but they knocked the whole key mechanism out and he did not even notice because he uses his key fob to open his car not the lock. All he knew is they took his attache which had his laptop, Archos and palm pilot. He had tinted windows so they just played a guessing game that something worth taking would be in the car. Now we leave nothing in the cars. Xmas is a really bad time b/c they go for the presents you leave when going from store to store. The cops figured my girlfriend was followed from Bestbuy where she bought a laptop then hid it and drove to a grocery store, while there they took the laptop. So don't leave anything in your car, it can happen so fast.