Friday, December 4, 2009

Crap and what I'm grateful for

I knew that the chemo room was moving to the new building at the cancer centre but I didn’t know they are now up & running. The new digs are lovely and spacious and I actually had privacy for my injection today. (I once received my shot in the chemo room washroom because it was the only place available!)

I had a look at my chart while I was there and I was right, the tumors are in the lower lobe of each of my lungs. I thought that’s what my onc had said, but I wanted to read the report. What I missed was that the nodules on my chest are also slightly larger.

So I paid $139 today for an injection that isn’t working ... although I am hoping that it is at least slowing things down.

In the midst of crap there are always things to be grateful for. So I’m going to try and write “What I am grateful for today” at the end of my posts. Here is my first one: What I am grateful for today: Friday hikes. We had a larger than usual turnout this morning and we hiked to Keogan cabin for lunch. What a wonderful day, wonderful surroundings, wonderful friends.

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Dee said...

You know, Chris, it might not be that the injection isn't working, but rather than it's keeping the cancer from getting completely out of control - so it's growing more slowly than it might if you weren't taking it. The bummer is that you never know for sure. My numbers have been inching up, but not going completely out of control - so while not ideal, at least it isn't worse.