Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Buckets for the Cure

I admit, I did the pink thing for awhile in the beginning; I bought my share of breast cancer 'products'.

But as time goes on, I've gotten totally turned off with companies who are trying to make money under the pretense that they are concerned about finding a cure for breast cancer.

Read Laurie K's thoughts about the latest pink chicken from KFC on her blog at buckets of pink sh*t.

This is so disturbing that I just don't know what to say.

What's next - pink cigarette packages?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - thanks for posting this... hope it isn't happening in Canada (yet?)

POD said...

When I saw this advertised, I about pooped! I couldn't believe..that a greasy chicken company would try to get people to buy their chicken so they'd donate money to breast cancer.
First of all, obesity is a huge risk factor for cancer. Greasy fried buckets of chicken don't need to be eaten by anyone. And we don't need KFC donating their greasy money!

I say "let's cut out the middle man" in all of these cases.

No more buying anything so a company will donate. These companies are riding cancer's coattails!

No more buying a faucet and having the faucet company donate 10% to any cancer.

Just give the money directly to the cancer of your choice. I have not even read your friend's post. I can only imagine. This issue burns my butt. So since my butt is burning, pls donate to breast cancer research. Thank you.
I may have to pontificate further. ha!

Dee said...

I agree - awful awful idea.