Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventures of Adam and Tara - Romania

Here's a note I received from Adam:

I'm in Brasov, Romania right now. Very authentic here! There are wild dogs everywhere (pretty sad). And loads of gypsies. Today when I was driving on a main road -- which isn't very 'main' since there are crazy potholes all over -- I had to squish between two horse-drawn carts on the road going in opposite directions! And I had to stop and honk at a cow to make him move. I just ate like a king for about 6 euros. Grilled meats and cabbage salad, mmm. About 50 feet down the street from where I'm staying, there's a place that has Canadian flags on the windows, so I got a closer look -- it's some immigration thing signing Romanians up to move to Canada. Interesting. It wasn't open, but I looked in the window... I think they are being sent to Quebec for something (guess they need cheap labour?) b/c there were Quebec flags inside.

As for me, nothing quite as adventurous. Katey & I are spending Easter in Stevensville with my Mom. When Mom gets back from mass, we're going to the casino for breakfast. How's that for a new Easter tradition?

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