Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter activity

I'm working at getting out and doing some sort of exercise every day. I spent an hour on the canal with friends Jennifer & Dianne yesterday (Lynn was there too but she was off 'speed skating' when the picture was taken).Loud knocking at my door this morning woke me up (I haven't installed my new door bell yet) and I realized it was 8:25 and Jennifer was downstairs to pick me up for our usual Saturday morning walk/run group. She talked me into throwing on some clothes & brushing my teeth (that was my idea) and we were out in the cold walking before I knew it.OK... maybe it's true that touques and parkas don't always show off our best sides. But I'm told we clean up well.

What I'm grateful for today: Dollarama. I bought file folders and boxes there and spent the past hour reorganizing my office.

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