Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ottawa Ammas making a difference

Our Ammas for Grammas leader, Peg, sent out some information about two of our members who are doing some important volunteer work over seas:

Susan left Ottawa on Jan. 2 for a three month volunteer committment in Palestine. She is with an Eccumenical International Council of Churches Organization, that send volunteers to act as observers and, if needed, mediators. She and her group go to the Check Points where Palastinians cross over to Isreal every day, to go to work, school, to shop or to work in their fields. You can keep uinformed about Susan's adventure at her blog ... http://susansojourn.blogspot.com/

As well, Eleanor left Ottawa two days after the earthquake in Haiti and is working there with the Red Cross for three months. She is a trained nurse and has previously done this sort of Emergency Relief work, in other natural and political disasters, in other parts of the world.

Way to go, Ammas!

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