Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picton with my road-hos

Thanks to Chris’ Jocks (Run for the Cure team), I got to spend a night at the lovely Waring House in Picton with friends this weekend. They received 2 gift certificates for 2 and they kindly gave one to me. There was a draw for the other one and my road-ho Vanessa won it. (According to an online slang dictionary I consulted, road-ho means “female travel companion”. Am I cool yet? Do people still say “cool”?)

In the picture: Vanessa, Tara, Melanie & Chris

We invited Melanie & Tara along to round out our foursome. After a picnic lunch at the Lake on the Mountain, we hit the shops in Picton and then spent some down time on our balcony at the Waring House with a few bottles of wine. I threw my healthy eating plan out the window and enjoyed a yummy dinner and breakfast. What’s a gal to do?

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