Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calling all Cancer Heroes

I am always looking for positive stories about people who have had a recurrence (local or metastatic) to post to this blog. I call the subject of these posts “Cancer heroes", because anyone who is a role model of how to live a full life with cancer is my hero!

If you have had a recurrence of cancer and are living your life with meaning and purpose, I would like to add you to my list of cancer heroes. If you are willing, please send me your answers to the questions below, along with a picture or two that I can post to the blog.

I may not use all of your comments (I like to keep my posts rather short), but will put together something that will hopefully capture the spirit of your story.

When was your original diagnosis?
When did the cancer return and how?
How did having the cancer return affect you? (Mentally, physically, emotionally)
What changes have you made in your life since the cancer returned, if any?
Where do you draw your strength from? How do you look at life today?
Do you have any advice for others with a recurrence?
Anything else to add?

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