Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a huge American Idol fan. I'm glued to the set each week, enjoying the performances and waiting to see who will be voted off.

I was sad to see Danny get eliminated last night -- but Adam Lambert is, as Randy puts it, my 'top dawg'. Maybe it has something to do with the name, but you can’t deny that the kid can sing (and he's not too hard on the eyes!).

What struck me last night, as they showed the finalists visiting their home towns and reuniting with family & friends, was that all three seem like genuinely nice people. I was really moved by the hug between Kris and his dad; being the mother of a son around the same age myself, I could identify with the love and pride that showed on his face.

I can't wait to give my own Adam a big hug like that when I see him in June. In the meantime, I'll keep watching 'my boys' on American Idol.


Jean said...

Sorry Chris butI cant stand Adam!!! He is a good performer, but all he does is screech when he sings.and I hate the way the judges are promoting him. blaahhh!!

Anonymous said...

How about the Adam! What a surprise it was when they said that Kris was the next American Idol. I thought that Adam would take it with a land slide. Oh well, bring on Canadian Idol.