Tuesday, January 20, 2009


After going through chemo treatments for breast cancer for most of the first half of 2008, Meridy thought that she was “done”. I hadn’t seen her for several years and when we reconnected, she had finished chemo and was looking forward to putting the whole cancer thing behind her.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. Soon after completing her initial treatments she found out that the cancer had spread to her liver and that she has to face yet more treatments.

Always practical and positive, Meridy is taking control of what she can. She says she has a one month plan, a one year plan and a five year plan. “I try to stay very focused on the next goal - a trip to Florida in February, a trip to Italy in September.”

To the left is a picture of Meridy's 'new hair' that is growing in since her original chemo.

She writes:
I get my strength from my friends and the goodness that people display, especially those who have been on this journey.

Her advice to others:
Read Bernie Siegel's books. Know that cancer has become a chronic disease, and patients can be treated for years, thus buying time for a cure, or better/kinder treatment options and procedures. Be kind to yourself, do not repress emotions - find an outlet (counselling, support group). Do not give up hope.

You can read Meridy’s story in her own words at Meridy.

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