Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nordic Walking

Today is day 2 of the Nordic Walking Clinic and I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’m missing it. A rather ungraceful fall in the hallway at work last Thursday has rendered me out of commission. Ironically, I managed running on icy sidewalks the night before and skated at lunch on same day of the fall without incident. I felt fine when I started skating but couldn’t put any weight on my right foot a few hours after, so obviously skating wasn’t a good idea after falling that morning…

Nordic Walking involves walking with poles that have special handgrips and rubber feet on the bottom to help absorb the impact. I thought I could do it with regular hiking poles, but found out quickly that they can take a toll on your wrists and shoulders. I’ve joined a clinic that was set up for the Busting Out breast cancer survivor (aka thriver!) dragon boat team. (I’m no longer a member of the team, but it helps to know the organizer). It’s great to get outside and I’m hoping to benefit from the claim that it burns twice as many calories as regular walking.

No, the picture is not me, but maybe if I keep at it I’ll look like that by spring.

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