Saturday, December 15, 2007


When do friends cross the line and become family?

Maybe it’s when you’ve had a similar life-changing experience that only those who have been there can understand. Maybe it’s when you get to the point where you can truly be yourself and not worry about being judged. Maybe it’s when they've been there for you when you needed someone to go with you to an appointment or a shoulder to cry on. Maybe it’s when you share a variety of experiences together – dragon boating, travel, skiing, Nordic walking, disappointments, celebrations, cottage weekends… and the list goes on.

My 'breast cancer friends' contribute to my life in a multitude of ways. There is no way that I can thank them for the times that they have surprised me, encouraged me, challenged me, comforted me, cooked for me, laughed with me, and just been there for me.

Dear friends: There are too many to list (and to show in the picture!) – but you know who you are (Jen, Anka, Jill, Bev, Mary Lou, Patricia, Jean, plus, plus, plus). I could say ‘thank you’, but that seems trite - something you say when someone passes the butter.

I remember trying to thank my friend Peg for dragging her along with me to an oncology appointment and apologizing for putting her through the emotional trauma of being there with me for some bad news. She looked at me with love and kindness and said “Chris, just shut up”. She not only made me laugh, but she taught me that friends know how much you appreciate their support, even if you can’t quite express it.

So… I’ll just shut up now. Until next time.


jennifer said...

True friends share a " two way path"!
I know that I can speak for others, that we are especially lucky ourselves to have as special a friend as you!

Peg said...

I was actually just thinking that it was about exactly a year ago that we went to that appointment!2007 has been a roller coaster year for you, but I'm sure that your memories highlight your Son's Wedding, the Hippo Pool in Serengetti, your Camel Safari, the Cottage Weekends,Hiking and Paddling ... all with the Joy of Family & Friends. I am blessed to be part of your life, Didi. :-)

Anka said...

Even though I will be away for the winter, distance will not hinder our friendship. When I return we will resume hiking, biking, camping, etc. (when we are not globe trotting)