Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paint Ottawa Pink - Sept 27th

The BCA (Breast Cancer Action) Paint Ottawa Pink walk is coming up & I’m feeling guilty

I haven’t registered and I’ve focused all of my fundraising towards the Run for the Cure on October 4th. I hate asking people for money, so I limit my groveling to one event per year. Rather than asking people in person, I take the cowardly way out and send out an email to just about everyone I know asking for their financial support. I am happy to report that, as usual, my approach is working and I have received $2,195 in pledges so far.

But that leaves BCA in the cold, at least as far as my fundraising efforts go. Because they had to delay their walk this year (not sure of the details but I understand they had a valid reason), it ends up being far too close to the Run for a Cure, which I think will really hurt them this year.

Breast Cancer Action is a local organization that offers the following (and more):

> A peer counseling program
> Exercise, yoga, tai chi. lymphedema and other wellness programs
> The Busting Out survivor dragon boat program
> Speakers and the Young Women’s Breast Health education program
> On-site lending library

And, as it states on their web-site, so much more!

If you know someone who is participating in the Paint Ottawa Pink walk, please consider sponsoring them. Or you may want to support BCA at some other time by making a donation to this important and worthy organization.

Find out more about Breast Cancer Action and Paint Ottawa Pink

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for your kind and supportive comments! D will be running and I'll be at the tents working.