Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Aged to near perfection :-)

My mom and her friend Marian were here for my birthday. They've been friends since before I was born and I think of Marian as my 2nd mother.Some friends came over to have a piece of cake. Can you guess how old I am?
Here's what Jean wrote on my card:

Happy Birthday! I can think of so many words or phrases that relate to you…

book lover
world traveler
great sense of humor
Nova Scotia bed breaker avec moi! (there’s a storey there…)
onion hater
dynamite and possibly OCD organizer
shoe lover
dollar store queen
interior decorator with terrific taste
terrific cook
great party thrower & hostess
cross country skier
Katey the Wonder Dog’s mom
lover of nature
Adam – the love of your life
and last but not least … you are a wonderful friend to me and to so many others.

Much love Chris.
Jean xxoo

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris from David and me too! I've a 2 this year too but an older one! LOL
Looks as if you had a great day.