Thursday, September 24, 2009

The gaping hole in our health-care system

“Canadians are covered for most treatments and drugs, but those with cancer know all too well some drugs are not paid for by government plans” - Julie Mason, Ottawa Citizen

I can identify with what Julie Mason has to say in her latest column about the potential cost of drugs for those of us needing cancer treatments. While I was on I.V. chemo, the drugs that I received were completely covered by our Canadian health care system. Now that I am on an injection drug (Faslodex) I have to pay for it myself, to the tune of a whopping $696.30 every 4 weeks.

I am incredibly fortunate to be covered by my employer’s drug plan; my portion of the prescription comes to $139.26. I am also fortunate to receive 75% of my salary through long-term-disability coverage.

Without my employer’s drug plan and disability coverage, I would be paying the $696.30 out of the $732 (after taxes) that I receive from my CPP disability. Which means that I would have to deplete my RRSPs, go on public assistance, live in my sister’s basement, or all of the above.

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