Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only one more sleep!

Remember when your mom counted down the number of "sleeps" left until Christmas or some other important event when you were a kid? Well, I still do it. Only one more sleep until I leave to visit Adam & Tara in the Netherlands!

Adam & Tara are just home from Turkey and their next adventure will be a challenging one: having me live with them for 3 weeks. Tara is in Berlin for the weekend so Adam & I will have a few days on our own before Tara has to adjust to having the dreaded mother-in-law invade her space. (I joke: she's a sweetheart who always makes me feel very welcome).

The picture is the front of the card Adam sent me for mother's day.

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Anonymous said...

have a wonderful trip, Chris. I'm just back from the ashram. Absolutely the most beautiful time.
Maybe next May you, Bev and I (other BBs?) could meet there! lots of love and light,
your BB, patricia