Monday, June 22, 2009

Dutch art

One of the many things that I love about Holland is the art. Not just in the museums, but on street corners and in the squares you will find random pieces of art for your amusement and appreciation. I took the picture below at the beach.
The next 2 pictures were taken in a square not far from Adam & Tara's house. From a distance it looks like a rough round of wood but the detail is amazing.

I spent some time a few days ago at the M.C. Escher museum in Den Haag. You can get a bit lost trying to figure out how he created some of the impossible structures and sketches, many of them morphing from one creature to another (i.e. fish to birds).

Escher's art is fascinating and at times a bit twisted. I was drawn to the eye below. If you look closely you can see a skull in the pupil.


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Dee said...

Yeah, when I went to the Netherlands in April 1990 to visit my sister (who is now married to her Dutch husband), we saw a lot of art. We went to the National Forest (I think) where there were a lot of sculptures. (I can't remember where it was.) We are also fortunate that the National Museum pulled together all of Van Gogh's art, even his sketches, into one exhibit that we visited. But we also spent a day in Amsterdam and also a day in Utrecht and then went to this place where they have the Netherlands in miniature (I'll have to ask about that).

We also took a 3-day trip to Paris and went to The Louvre.

It was all very interesting! Continue to have fun there!

Christine said...

The place with the minatures is called Madurodam. It's in Den Haag where my son lives & I went last year. - Chris