Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Life

When I first started this blog, the plan was to write good news cancer stories. Somewhere along the way I just started writing about my everyday life. I guess my own story really is the best good news cancer story I know. A year after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and having surgery to remove a tumor from my lung, I’m cancer free and living my best life. I’m often too busy just living to write about it; too busy doing things like….

… skiing at Nakkertok and staying overnight in a cabin.

A few weeks ago, Peg took a group of us to one of her cross-country ski club’s cabins in the Gatineaus. We skied, snowshoe'd, cooked our dinner on a wood stove, ate by candle light, and slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Maybe the fact that we are all cancer survivors makes us appreciate our adventures even more fully. Yet another wonderful winter weekend spent with wonderful friends!

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she said...

I love your blog, your spirit of adventure is inspiring. I am 30 and have breast cancer mets, still fighting but making good progress. You are an inspiration! found you through CSC website.