Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Beauty of the Cause

What’s all the fuss about breasts anyway? Adolescent girls wait impatiently for them to appear, women get surgery to enhance their size, advertisers use them to sell products, men buy magazines featuring bare-breasted women.
It’s time that someone celebrated breasts in a way that is both beautiful and purposeful. Emilie Roberston and Nancy Davis have done just that by creating The Beauty of the Cause Calendar to raise funds for breast cancer research, services and treatment programs. The calendar features artwork by Sylvie Lalonde and photographs by Jen Davidson, along with the beautiful breasts of some of my breast cancer “thriver” friends.
To purchase a calendar email your request to : Each calendar is a minimum donation of $20. All donations go directly to The Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Nancy P said...

Emilie and I want to thank you for writing about and honouring The Beauty of the Cause, as well as the wonderful ladies who took part in this project. Many thanks again and great blog Chris! I look forward to reading more :)))