Sunday, August 1, 2010


Nadine was back this week for part II of her visit. In between her visits she was in Boston on business and in Halifax with her daughter (my niece) Erin.

We spent part of one day at the Nordic Spa, relaxing in the pools and the saunas. We curled up in these lovely hanging chairs that felt like rocking cocoons and read and napped. In the evening we went to see The Kids are Alright (I’m not sure that the kids are truly ‘alright’ but it was an interesting movie).

On her last day here Peggy came by. Nadine made sausage/potato/squash tacos, so we had no problem talking Peggy into staying for lunch. It was a day of great eating because we went to Dianne’s for dinner and a swim (although I was the only one who actually swam).
It was wonderful to just spend time with Nadine. We’re very different people, but there is a life-long bond between us that keeps us connected through the good times and the bad. I’m glad that she’s my sister.

After she left, I spent most of yesterday napping. It seems that when I have company or when I was away in Halifax, it tires me out and I need some recovery time. But it's worth it!

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