Friday, August 13, 2010

1 finger typing

my blog posts over the next few weeks will probably be brief. it hasn't been confirmed but it appears that i have broken some bones in left hand.

i woke up last night with acid reflux and, in a fog i suspect was caused by the codine cough med i'm taking, i somehow managed to fall down my stairs on the way for a glass of milk. this morning my hand was swollen and my baby finger is pointing off to the side at a rather odd angle.

i saw my family doctor and he said to put a tensor bandage on it and keep it elevated. he could send me for xrays but it would be monday before he gets the results and by then i'll be out of town. so he suggested i go to the hospital in st. jovite; shorter waiting time in a small town hospital and, being close to the ski hills, they are used to dealing with this kind of fracture.

i was at the general hospital today to pick up my xeloda pills and thought i'd take a chance and try the emerg. they said it would be a 2-3 hour wait. in my experience they usually lie so i figured i was looking at 4 hours so i left.

i needed this like i need a hole in my head. speaking of... i'm having an mri on my brain next week to have another look at my aneurysm.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Chris, we're very sorry to hear this but glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously! Please take good care and enjoy your time in the Laurentians. We love you!

Mary & Sue

...and Jordi loves Katey!

Anonymous said...


How would I contact Rene Grieder in Mahone Bay? Do you have contact info? And would you still recommend seeing him?

bellstitt said...

This is truly icky! Glad (with M&S) that you weren't more seriously wounded but this is another setback you truly don't need. Can we be mad for you?
Sending hugs and all the blankies (think Kingston) we can find to comfort you.
Ros and David