Tuesday, December 23, 2008

They're here!

After 2 nights waiting to get on a flight in Boston and 10 hours in a rental car, Adam & Tara have finally arrived in Niagara Falls. They decided it was best to rent a car and drive. I think that was a good choice because I see on the news that flights are so backed up that lots of people might not make it to their destinations for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi 'kiddo' ..... SOOOOOO pleased to hear that Adam and Tara have arrived safely! We all hear - the Perry's and the Belland's wish you all the BEST and BLESSED Christmas wishes all around! High Five, Five on the Side, Five below .... don't know if I got that all in the correct order for the admiration of my eldest grandson but I DO try.........Luv to U all....US