Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family 'stuff'

It's December 20th and, as we used to say when I was a kid, only 5 more sleeps until Christmas. I have an extra week between treatments over the holidays and I'm taking this opportunity to take a break from all of the 'cancer crap'. It's nice to be visiting my mother and spending time with family.

We went to my aunt's for dinner the other night and my cousin his family were there. It's been great to reconnect with him, because there were a lot of years between childhood and adulthood when we lost touch for one reason or another. My sister & her husband were here for a few days but have now left to spend Christmas in Florida. My niece is here and Adam & Tara arrive this afternoon.

In the picture: Me, my mom Janice, my sister Nadine, my brother-in-law Doug, and my niece Erin (in the back).

In the picture: my cousin Michael & his wife Sheri and their daughters Kayla & Chelsea.
In the picture: My aunt Diane & uncle Jim and their 2 grand-daughters (and 2 grand-dogs).

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas 'kiddo' and to all the Fam!!! It was great to see everyone. When Janice speaks of the family, I can now put faces to them! I haven't seen Nadine in too many years to mention so it was equallly nice to catch up with her and her family! Super stuff! Thanks for sharing Chrissy! We DO enjoy your updates and your dailys. I don't know about the 'list of things to do' day though - is there a tip you have to get past the exhaustion that one requires to DO the list let alone carry it out! Maybe I should just go straight from the bed to the floor and whip out my Mantra along with my matt - that might be my only way to get to the first step and then to get on with the rest?! LOL Luv and Hugs to All.................I know you are anxously awaiting Adam's arrival today!.................Us 2 U All