Sunday, March 16, 2008

Akuna Matata

After roughing it in the Serengeti and Ngorongora Crater, it was time for serious relaxation on the tropical east coast of Zanzibar. We spent 5 days reading, swimming and watching the tide roll in and out. We took advantage of the opportunity to reflect on everything that we had experienced in Africa so far, and to recharge our batteries before heading south to Cape Town.
What is life without the opportunity to be with nature, to feel our feet in the sand, to connect with the ocean, and to just be? I tried to commit the feeling of peacefulness I found there to memory so that I can revisit my own personal paradise in my mind when the craziness of life tries to pull me in.
Life is like the ocean. Sometimes it’s harsh, dangerous and unforgiving. At other times it’s calming and breathtakingly beautiful. I’m determined not to let the sharks and big waves that come my way keep me from experiencing the exhilaration and renewal that come with the high and low tides of a life spent focused on the horizon.

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