Sunday, April 20, 2008

Skiing in Shorts!

The temperature has taken a turn for the better and my neighborhood spent the weekend barbequing, cleaning up the debris that was buried under the snow in the yard, and just enjoying the feeling of sitting in the sun after an especially long winter. I personally spent a good part of the weekend on my back deck.

How can it be that we were cross-country skiing just last Wednesday? It’s hard to believe that there is still snow in the Gatineau Hills, but it was perfect for skiing -- especially in shorts!

In the picture: Chris, Jean, Judy & Peg

What a wonderful way to end the season. Peg took this picture and sent the message below to some of our friends.Today,
Chris - being of sound mind and body!!! - willingly skied down Kyber Pass ... one of the most challenging hills in Gatineau Park.
She was still standing at the bottom - as the photo verifies!!
Thus, she finished the ski season with a great achievement and a HIGH!!

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